IQC - Industrial

The industrial division is focused on meeting the basic needs of those sectors that require quality products where sulfate penthydrate copper and copper derivatives play an important role for operation as a fungicide-bactericide preventive action, wide field of activity and good persistence.

Copper sulfate penta-hydrated

Alimentary grade

It is part of the mineral premixes used in animal feed, mainly in poultry, cattle and in beef, cattle and pigs.

Mining grade

Collaborates in the flotation process of heavy metals, facilitating the separation thereof.

Water treatment

He is a fighter algae for use in lakes, pools, and hatcheries; also it eliminates odors and tastes of water.

Electro plating

It is a very effective adhesive for work in acid copper baths, to prevent corrosion of metals.


Eliminates the deficiencies caused by the lack of copper on earth converting amino acids into proteins as well as the formation of chlorophyll that facilitates greater leaf development.

Other applications

It is used in the preservation of wood, ceramic pigments in oil refining in the leather industry, and etching processes, as well as the use of animal vaccines.