IQC - History

Comprehensive development of agribusiness

The history of International Chemical Copper begins in the early 70's when decade Mexico's situation was more conducive for young and enterprising people are devoted to invest their talent in promising new companies.

Intervention and push from visionary people was required, willing to risk and to invest financial and human resources; people capable of conceiving a solid foundation and realistic plans; the development of new projects, and kicked open market, what would become an important sector of the Mexican economy.

A little over 20 years after its founding, our company has established itself as a leader in the development not only of chemicals based on copper, but also products for agriculture, which have been incorporated into its production plant, complementing essential functions of the International Copper Chemical had originally. This development has enabled us to strengthen the domestic market and out of the country's borders starting our international participation, especially in the European market.

The company growth has led to its division into four specializations. This is the result of efforts of many people, a great team which we pride ourselves, and who devotes his talent, knowledge and effectiveness to try to make this your company, the best in its field in Mexico.

The predominant activity of our company has been focused on the development of products derived from copper. However, our efforts are not limited to this activity. Through large projects, it was decided to diversify resulting in the Agrochemical Division, primarily for the manufacture of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and antibiotics. 1986 provides the framework for International Copper Chemical extend its market share in the Mexican agricultural sector, with the birth of the seeds division. Our company is given the task of hiring experienced agronomists, who begin to provide technical advice to customers and print a fresh impetus to the promotion of our products.

90's started steadily and the birth of our Urban division based on biological products.